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How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 365?

 Posted by admin Support on August 28, 2016

If you get frustrated with this app or you don’t want to use anymore Microsoft office 365, you can easily uninstall from your laptop. Sometimes we feel that our computer is overloading and we should delete the software on which we do not work. But many people do not know how to delete the software. You must know that office 365 has many other software like one drive, skype etc.

you need to follow these steps for better functioning

  • Go to start button on the computer.
  • There is on the right side has an option of the control panel.
  • Just click on that and then you see there is the option of the program.
  • Under that program, there is an option of uninstalling the program.
  • Just simply click on that.
  • There are so many programs you can see which is installed in your laptop.
  • Go to office 365 and click on that after that will open an option of uninstalled this software you have to just click on that.
  • Then you will see that office 365 will vanish from your computer.

These are some steps which you have to follow to uninstall this program. These steps will help you in disabling the Office but if you are still not able to do so or you have any kind of doubt regarding the process, then we recommend you to contact Microsoft Office 365 Support Number 1800-958-211. We have an expert team, who helps you in solving your every tech-related problem and gives you the best results. Give us a chance to assist you by setting you free from the trouble. Presence of our technicians is active all seven days to avoid any kind of hindrance for the customers.

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